What To Do If You Have a Rusty Tap

We mostly rely on our water tap to provide us with clean and clear water. But what if the taste of the water and its appearance suddenly changed? There is a big chance that you are drinking dirty water already.

Before you call plumbing services from a trusted company better locate the source of the problem. There could be a number of reasons why you have rusty water.

rusty tap water

Locate The Source
It could be because of the pipes and water heater, or if you live in an old neighborhood that has not rehabilitated its water system yet, then it is likely that it is their fault and not yours.

Test Your Water Supply
It is not that difficult to know whether you are drinking contaminated water because of the rusty odor or coloring that comes when you open the tap. Take sample water by running the cold water flow for a couple of seconds then do it again and this time, run the hot water for a couple of seconds.

Rusty water that is only present when you run the hot water supply and will go away after continuous run could indicate that the rust is present in your home. However, you should call your local water authority if the rust comes continuously in both taps.

How You Can Help
We all need to drink clean water from drinking contaminated one is really not safe to our health. If you need help in investigating the source of where the rusty water is coming from, call your trusted plumbing services right away.

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