Four Signs That You May need a New Toilet

Many homeowners resort to replacing their toilet whenever it starts giving them trouble. While replacing your toilet might seem like the best solution to the problem, it’s important to do your assessment as it may not be the only option. At times, all you need is a few repairs on a troublesome plumbing fixture, and everything is fine. Installing a new toilet will cost you more money than repairing the existing one. It’s, therefore, important to know when to get rid of the existing fixture and install a new one and when to repair it instead.

Continuing to use the same toilet for years when it has issues can be a costly affair. It’s important to note that plumbing fixtures are designed to last for a specific period of time. Well, this is usually a very long time, but there’s always a breaking point. Here are some of the signs that will indicate it’s time to replace your toilet.

Excessive Clogging

If your toilet requires plunging several times a week, it means there’s a problem. Who loves it when they have to plunge their toilet on a regular basis? It means your toilet isn’t doing its job as it should. Recurring clogging issues are a clear sign it’s time to replace your toilet. Chances are that you’re using an older low flush toilet that needs an upgrade.

A porcelain crack

For homeowners who’ve handled flooding or water damage in their homes, any sign of a crack on their plumbing fixtures would get them into action immediately. As soon as you identify hairline cracks in the bowl of your toilet, it’s time to install a new one. It’s important that you be inspecting your bowl and tack for any cracks on a regular basis. It’s recommended to do this every time you’re cleaning your toilet. Any signs of cracking in the toilet bowl might not necessarily mean the need for urgent replacement. However, you must keep an eye on the affected area. Replace the toilet as soon as there’s leaking.

Your Toilet is Outdated

Another good reason to install a new toilet is when you’re still using a coral-colored or avocado toilet from the 1960s. While you may want to keep the memories of your past, this may not be the best way to do it. Such toilets are less efficient when it comes to flushing water compared to the newer models in the market. They not only make a lot of noise but also take longer to fill. They are also prone to leaks and cracks. If you have such a toilet, it’s time to install a newer model.

Your Toilet is using too Much Water

For those who don’t have low flush toilets, saving water would a good reason to install a newer model. Low flush toilets allow you to save on your water bills every year. You don’t want to continue paying thousands of dollars in water bills every year when you can save on the amount of water used per flush. According to the Energy Policy, homeowners are supposed to use 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Of course, if this is too much to handle yourself, we strongly recommend that you visit the Master Plumbers Australia website to find a reputable expert for a house call.

Never Ignore These Minor Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems happen at one time or another. If your home has plumbing problems, it is best to call for expert plumbing repairs right away. Never ignore minor plumbing issues to avoid costly plumbing repairs.

CLOGGED SINKS & TOILETS. A plunger can usually fix minor clogging of sinks and toilets. However, you may want to call for plumbing services if the clog is still not removed even after trying the plunger several times. When it comes to drains or sinks, they can also get clogged when there are hairs on them. So make sure you remove them or use a stopper on the drains to catch the hair.

LEAKING PIPES. Damaged rubber o-ring or metal nuts can cause the pipe to leak. It will need replacement to stop the leak. Leaks can also happen at the joint of the pipe so make certain to tighten the pipe. If this does not work, you may need a new sealant or a new gasket.

LEAKY FAUCET. Usually, replacing the washer that has become worn out can fix the problem. Just replace them and the possible dripping will be gone. There are different types of washers for your sink faucets which includes cartridge, ball spring types, and modular.

It is better to contact a qualified plumber as soon as a problem happens. They will be able to assess the situation and your plumbing repair needs. They are well equipped to fix your plumbing right away and you will not have to worry about fixing it yourself.

What Can A Gas Fitter Do For You?

gas fitting muirleaGas fitting and gas installation should not be taken lightly and should only be done by the experts. If you smell gas and you don’t know where it is coming from better contact a gas fitter as they can determine the cause of the problems right away and will be able to fix it for you

What can a gas fitting company do for you?

Gas is not a safe substance especially if the installation is not done correctly, this can cause fire to your property. If continuously inhaled this can be hazardous to your body and can even be fatal. A reliable gas fitting company can:

  • Detect, diagnose and repair all gas leaks
  • Provide gas hot water service
  • Provide installations of new gas pipes
  • Provide installations and connections for gas oven and cook top
  • Provide installation service and repair for gas heaters

When installing a new gas appliance

If you are going to install a new appliance, it pays to be safe to just hire a licensed plumber. Not only will they be able to provide an efficient installation but you are also certain that your home is safe. Getting a licensed gas fitter will give you an ease of mind as they also provide quality workmanship.

How to find the right company

Finding a good plumber is not actually difficult. You can ask for referrals from your friends and family or you could search on Google and find a plumber that is near your location. Once you find a couple of contractors, you can then inquire and ask their availability and the cost for their services. It is best to contact 2 or 3 contractors and compare their prices and services before you decide which one you’d like to hire.

The Advantages Of Using Commercial Plumbing Services

emergency plumbing service collingwood parkA building will not be able to survive without a properly working plumbing system. If problems occur in the plumbing system, you have to contact the services of a trusted plumber to have your water safe from possible problems.

Commercial plumbing is always in need especially for businesses as they need to maintain clean drinking water and ensure that they are safely disposing of waste. However, sinks, showers, and toilets often encounter blockages that will need a quick solution. There are different uses for plumbers when it comes to commercial buildings, here are some of them.

Emergency purposes. Most commercial plumbers do a lot of emergency work such as a water leak that can disrupt the establishment. When emergencies occur, these plumbers will come to the place and assess the problem. They will mostly prepare a quote to tell you how much the repair will cost you. Once everything is settled, they will mostly fix the emergency so that the premises will not get their business interrupted.

Installation and maintenance. Commercial plumbers are also involved in the installation and maintenance of large-scale systems for large buildings, industries and different types of businesses. They will mostly be involved in providing installation and repair of pipes and mostly of clogged drains.

Most plumbers also conduct maintenance for commercial industries as this is a crucial part to maintain good business. A plumber will have to make certain that the drains of the establishment are clear of debris. They also have to maintain the local codes and regulations for commercial buildings when it comes to health regulations to ensure that the establishment is always at top standard.

Know The Right Plumber To Call For Your Plumbing Problem

emergency plumbing service ipswichWe can’t control emergencies from happening, but we can do is to prepare for them if they do happen. This is the same when it comes to plumbing. We may need plumbing services in the middle of the night when we find our home ankle deep in water, our water heaters are malfunctioning, and so on.

Incidents such as this could happen because it is common for most of us not to upgrade our plumbing even if we know they already need it. Then we will appreciate the services of a plumber when something goes wrong. To avoid such emergencies make sure to maintain the quality of your home and know who to call if you really do need a plumber.

Before you do call a plumber, see first if you can do minor repairs, especially if the emergency is at night. This is because the service charge at night is different during regular hours. The rate for emergency services can also be higher depending on the extent of the work required and the materials that are needed.

When hiring the right contractor, make sure that they fall into the category you are in. Plumbers fall into two categories, commercial and industrial. If you need a plumber for your home, public and private businesses then you can call a commercial plumber. Industrial plumbers are those who work for factories and large manufacturing companies.

A good plumbing service can offer a wide variety of services and should be available 24/7. However, some plumbers would say they are available even at night, but when you call them during the night, only their machine is answering. So make sure your chosen service can truly deliver what they say and give you the right solution to any of your plumbing needs.

What To Do If You Have a Rusty Tap

We mostly rely on our water tap to provide us with clean and clear water. But what if the taste of the water and its appearance suddenly changed? There is a big chance that you are drinking dirty water already.

Before you call plumbing services from a trusted company better locate the source of the problem. There could be a number of reasons why you have rusty water.

rusty tap water

Locate The Source
It could be because of the pipes and water heater, or if you live in an old neighborhood that has not rehabilitated its water system yet, then it is likely that it is their fault and not yours.

Test Your Water Supply
It is not that difficult to know whether you are drinking contaminated water because of the rusty odor or coloring that comes when you open the tap. Take sample water by running the cold water flow for a couple of seconds then do it again and this time, run the hot water for a couple of seconds.

Rusty water that is only present when you run the hot water supply and will go away after continuous run could indicate that the rust is present in your home. However, you should call your local water authority if the rust comes continuously in both taps.

How You Can Help
We all need to drink clean water from drinking contaminated one is really not safe to our health. If you need help in investigating the source of where the rusty water is coming from, call your trusted plumbing services right away.

3 Effective Tips That Can Lower Your Plumbing Budget

Plumbing Works Ipswich

You can find plumbing works in every home, and we cannot avoid this kind of job because we know that it is necessary so we can use our home conveniently. Can you imagine your house without a supply of water running around it? Not, right? But we cannot deny the fact that plumbing works cannot be done by every homeowner, and seeking for professional help could require a huge budget. That’s why we have gathered the most effective tips that can save you from breaking your bank because of plumbing issues.

1. Always check the plumbing before buying a home.

This is one of the steps that you can perform to save from future plumbing concerns. Before you sign that contract that says you are buying the home, make sure to ask the advice of professionals about the plumbing conditions of the house. Let them check all the pipes so that they can determine if there are problems that will need prompt solutions. This will help you in deciding whether to continue with the buying process or is it time to find another home.

2. Determine the right position of your home’s pipes.

Before you proceed with further constructions of your own home, let a professional plumber inspect the area and ask them where are the best places to install every pipe. This will help you in avoiding damages with your plumbing as you work on with your garden’s landscapes or other outdoor tasks. Always remember, prevention will always be the best choice.

3. Learn the art of Do-It-Yourself.

You may see the task as something that you can handle, but if you have enough time, it won’t hurt if you will try your best to learn it. There are small works that don’t need the hands of the expert like installing a new toilet. You just have to spend some time to learn it from watching Youtube videos or reading step-by-step tutorials.

Saving money is very important for every homeowner, and we cannot let plumbing issues interfere with it. We have some number of strategies so that we can avoid spending number of dollars as payment for the professional help of a plumber. Follow the tips above and the odds will surely be in your favor.